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The Broke Adaptations Of Derek 32Zero

Check out some Dope classic Hip-Hop from a good brotha!


After careful curation by the Starchpress crew, we bring you the masterful MC Derek 32Zero with his new street album The Broke Adaptations of Derek 32Zero. This is exclusive! Super Producer Nottz handles the lion share of the the project hitting you over the head with banger after banger of that true school hip hop shit.  Joined by his cohorts SaskwatchCordova, DJ Sayeed,Smooth Da HustlerBoogie and BilalDerek 32Zero finds himself lacing each track with wicked wordplay and straight ahead mastery of the mic. Here is what Mr 32Zero has to say about the project.

“Did this with a dream, a 500 dollar korg, and about 300 dollars total spent on studio time. And with God, and a skill set to emcee I learned how to adapt and adjust, positioning myself to the point where I was able to get part of my foot in the door of an industry that doesn’t really want me anyway. I got records produced by Nottz and Khrysis, and features from Bilal and Kweli, among others when in actuality for a kid from Chesapeake, VA; that’s not supposed happen. Or maybe it was. I have put in my 10,000 hours of work to be successful using Malcom Gladwell’s theory. And I feel like an outlier being true to my family, myself, and my art despite temptations to choose celebrity over integrity. “Broke Adaptations” is a collection of songs, but more importantly a depiction of my life and experiences, ideals and values, with my message being despite having limited funds, I still found a way to make this “rap thing” work. And sometimes, being able to overcome what appears to be extreme challenges, only makes the victory sweeter.”

Get ya headphones and enjoy above. Tracklist and credits below.

1. Higher Nation feat. Renee Britt and Dj Sayeed (prod. By JR Swiftz)
2. The Unorthodox feat. The Legend of Saskwatch (prod. By Nottz)
3. Something New feat. Saskwatch and Cordova (prod. By Nottz)
4. Just Let Me Be feat. Teresa Cook (prod. By Khrysis)
5. If It’s Hell Below feat. Boogie and Smooth da Hustler (prod. By Nottz)
6. The Solution (PSA) feat. Dj Sayeed (prod. By Nottz)
7. People Make The World Go ‘Round feat. Dj bee (prod. By Nottz)
8. Lift ‘Em Up feat. Talib Kweli (prod. By Nottz)
9. Get Funky Now (BDK) (prod. By Nottz)
10. Put On The Ray Bans feat. Dj Lowkey (prod. By Nottz)
11. I Need You Now feat. Bilal (prod. By Nottz)
12. Super Fantastic Sh*t (prod. By Nottz)
13. We Are The Power feat. Jon Bibbs (prod. By P. Sess)

Artwork Illustration by Shawn Gary for Mind of a Genius Design Works.

Cover Art Layout by Brother J of Starchpress

Mixtape Sequence Curation by Brother J of Starchpress